Moon Phases

Have you ever noticed feeling like a bit of a lunatic during the full moon?

You aren’t alone. The mere word ‘Lunatic’ comes from ‘Luna’, or the Moon!

Historically, the moon has had various impacts on human interaction, animals, the tides, biology, and ecology. As the closest celestial body to the earth; the moon, has the biggest planetary impact on celestial life.

Personally, as a Cancer, I have always had a special relationship with the moon. Whether its finding that my own moon cycle mimics the one of the heavens, or that I am passionate and filled with energy to start new projects when the moon is in its new phase.

I am pleased and excited to share with you my years of study, social experiments and experience dealing with the phases of the moon in my new workshop this October!woman-66466_1920.jpg



Waxing Moon Vinyasa

In approximately one month, I will be teaching the second of four moon yoga classes in my Moon Phase Yoga Series.

This class will be focused on endurance, strength, stability and building up one’s inner fire.

We will learn about The Chariot Tarot card; what it means in a reading, and how it links up with the time of the waxing moon.

We will also learn about the moonstone’s history, ancient uses, properties and uses in crystal therapy.

I cannot wait to share a rigorous vinyasa practice, pearl of wisdom from my years of experience reading tarot, and the magical properties of one of my favourite crystals!candle-1131148_1920

Booking is ESSENTIAL! So e-mail me at to secure your mat and gain the access code. Don’t miss out on this uplifting, energising evening of practice, learning and fun!

Mermaid Oracle Cards

I am so happy to welcome these beautiful cards into my home. They feature stunning images and beautifully written paragraphs to help interpret inner thoughts and feelings, told from the world under the sea. The more I read them, the more I feel like I actually am a mermaid.

Today I am diffusing the invigorating scents of lemon and peppermint to get my work day in order. Oracle and Young LivingYou can order Young Living essential oils through me in the contact section.


Royal Sun Salutations

You know those days when its like pulling teeth to get moving in the morning?

To combat that sluggish feeling, I have started regularly doing sun salutations to music, keeping my movements in time with the beat, and even challenging myself with faster and more upbeat tunes. This was one of the first songs that inspired me to keep musical, vinyasa-style sun salutations as a regular part of my practice.

I cannot take all the credit for matching this song up with the movements, my lovely friend Kenji, a Vinyasa RYT suggested this to me, and since then it has started a fire in me that I am so happy to share! Here is my video on Royal Sun Salutations.

(Put up the volume – when the song kicks in, my voice fades away.)

*This is the first yoga video I have ever made. Please excuse my lack of expertise in this area! This can only get better! ❤

Young Living Essential Oils

I’ve done it! I have signed up with the world’s best essential oil company to become an independent distributor.

I know what you’re thinking. a) Here we go with the advertising schpiel. b) These pyramid schemes are all the same. You’ll be sorry a few months in.

But the truth is. I am not scared at all. And this company is incredible! I can’t wait to start doing workshops around Melbourne about making your own toxic-free personal care products! Sunscreen, deodorant, lip balm, scrubs, body wash, toothpaste….these will be my new experiments and teaching materials, and Young Living essential oils will be my tools! Look out world!Young Living 1